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One of Roller Air Company's competitive benefits is its support and after-sales service, in addition to its high quality of products. In the Roller Air Company, we are committed to providing a higher service than the customer's expectation with continuous and responsible support and support. We believe that customers are our largest and most important assets. Therefore, we always try to provide distinct support to our dear customers with fast and high-quality after-sale services to protect this valuable asset by gaining satisfaction and establishing effective and continuous relationships with them.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the best advertisement, and professional support for customers will lead to deep confidence in them.

Support and after-sale service fields include the following :

-- Product transportation
-- Installation and setup
-- Repair and maintenance training
-- Preparation and distribution of parts
-- Performing preventive and periodic repair and maintenance visits to improve product performance
-- Performing accidental repair and maintenance services of products

Support and after-sales service team

Our professional support team consists of specialized, committed, and experienced human resources constantly under technical and practical training. The team offers unique and high-quality services, considering the vital principle of communication, coherence, and friendly association with customers. The team's management is constantly enhancing the quality of support and after-sales service by measuring the quality of the team's performance.

Customer relationship and supporter's unit

Understanding needs and measuring customer satisfaction are two very high indicators of improving the quality of service. Roll Air's Customer relationship and supporter unit are always in touch with our dear customers to enhance the quality of its service by utilizing their views and criticism as well as trying to understand their needs and make the relationship chain stronger daily.

The customer relationship and supporters unit inform customers about unique service designs and periodic repairs at specific and planned times.

Geographic network and after-sales service distribution

Compressed air and electrical energy are among manufacturing units' most vital energy sources. Stopping compressed air facilities, such as electricity outages, can lead to stopping production lines, entering financial losses, postponing the commitments of production units, as well as material loss.

Roll Air Company has put the geographical development of services on its agenda to maintain customer capital. It has been able to maximize its services and speed by training indigenous forces and using specialists in various geographical areas.

Talk to our experts about repair and maintenance or after-sales service.

Experience with us by concluding annual repair and maintenance contracts for your compressed air equipment, saving energy costs and repair and maintenance, the minimum machine stops most distinct efficiency, and service with the highest reliability.

Electrical and mechanical inspections, which are extracted from the experience and knowledge of this Company, are provided as a comprehensive repair and maintenance program to experts and technicians of Roll Air Company and are standardized with the necessary training.

Consulting Support

Contact with support and after-sales service unit

By concluding annual maintenance contracts for your compressed air equipment, save energy and maintenance costs, minimize machine downtime, experience the highest efficiency and distinctive services with the highest reliability.
In addition to customers who have prepared their compressed air equipment from Roll Air Company, we also serve all manufacturing units that bought their machinery and equipment from other companies. The Company provides compressed air equipment repair and maintenance services in both annual and accidental.
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support unit and after-sales service

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