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Considering the conditions of the late 1960s, the end of the Iran-Iraq war, and the beginning of the reconstruction and development of the country's industries at that time, the construction and operation and reconstruction of the country's industrial factories in all fields began. Therefore the increase and demand for the supply of devices and machines related to the supply of compressed air have placed the priority of industrial companies and factories in the country. Therefore, according to the producers and suppliers in this field, Hamedan Compressor Company started its activity in two sectors of domestic production of compressed air equipment and import of compressed air equipment in 1991, according to the technical knowledge of its institutions.

Reflecting on the mission of this company to transfer the latest technology of the world to our dear country and also to know and design and import compressed air machines based on the best companies producing compressed air equipment at that time, this company took the exclusive representation of Worthington France Company and presented its products from the beginning under the license of that company to the industries of the country with modern knowledge.

Due to the realization of the primary mission of Roll Air Company, which was the high quality of products, it was quickly introduced as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of screw compressors in Iran. Also, with successful productions in the field of screw compressors with high capacity, high and low-pressure piston compressors and absorption and heater air dryers, and importing refrigeration dryers from the best European manufacturers and manufacturing and importing types of micro-filters with particular capacity and applications, this company was at the top of the producers of compressed air equipment in essential industries of the country, including power plants, marine petrochemicals (shipbuilding), and cement and oil industries.

Our Valuable Partners

Inspired by the commitment to innovation and offering products based on the latest scientific achievements of the compressed air industry in the world, we take to transfer technology and information by signing an exclusive representative contract and producing under the license of reputable and leading international companies, Worthington, Leroy Sommer, Creamers, Gardner Denver and GVM in our portfolio.

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At ROLLAIR, we believe integrity, teamwork and a collaborative approach are fundamental to our business success.

Extraordinary projects demand a strategic and intelligent approach, finely honed through more than a century of real-world experience. They demand the relentless intensity of people who know the stakes are incredibly high. And they demand a team that understands mutual trust and integrity are necessary to execute massive undertakings on near-impossible deadlines.
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