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    Full automactive & High efficient
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    Low maintenance & High purity

Oxygen Generators

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019 faced the world with a severe challenge. With the spread of this disease across the globe, humans were heavily involved with this deadly virus. Most medical centers worldwide host patients in dire need of oxygen and breathing air around the clock.

Many people needed oxygen to survive, and the response to this need was directly related to compressed air.

At that time, Roll Air Company's sense of social responsibility to save human lives was a spark that led to the design and manufacture of a valuable product.

This valuable product is the oxygen generator OXY ROLL, which can continuously produce and supply 95% pure oxygen.

Technical Specification
Rollair Oxygen Generators

Thanks to the use of PSA technology, the oxygen generators of Roll Air Company can produce a continuous flow of oxygen up to 95% purity.
These oxygen generators are modular and consist of aluminum columns or tanks equipped with filtering materials with special layering.
The air around us consists of 78% nitrogen and 1% other gases, and about 21% oxygen.
These special materials in the columns can retain nitrogen and other gases and make it possible for oxygen to come out from the top of the towers directly with the desired purity and pressure.

The feature of this system is the automatic regeneration of the columns with the opposite flow of compressed air.


We offer a complete line of oxygen generators by collecting elements and various compressed air equipment. This complete line consists of:

  • A screw compressor device
  • A wet compressed air tank device (it means the tank that is placed immediately after the compressor that partially removes the moisture from the air).
  • A refrigeration air dryer
  • Multi-stage filtration uses a variety of quality filters from reputable brands with different uses for filtering air and oxygen.
  • Oxygen-air separator generator device
  • Oxygen collection tank

The Roll Air oxygen production line can provide oxygen with a pressure of 6 bar with a purity of 90 to 95%. The dew point of -60 and the high discharge pressure of the Roll Air oxygen generator allows oxygen to be injected directly into the consumption lines without the need for expensive pressure boosters and extra investment.

One of the features of this system is the automatic regeneration of zeolite towers, which is done automatically and intelligently with the opposite flow of compressed air.

The PLC control system, with exclusive software developed by Roll Air company, automatically controls and executes the main functions of the oxygen production process.

Equipping the device with a touch screen, in addition to displaying the advantage of the function of the generator components, also allows the user to control and change the functional parameters.


Company Catalogue

ROLLAIR Catalogue includes complete descriptions of the collection and products
of this collection, and you can download this information.