High performance & Compact structure

Fully automatic & Easy to maintain

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    High performance & Compact structure
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    Fully automatic & Easy to maintain
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    Safe and Durable & Efficient controller

Piston Compressor

Piston compressors are positive displacement with a very simple structure and provide cost-effective air for their uses by basic physics rules.

A piston compressor consists of crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinders, and pistons.

The crankshaft moves through a V-shaped belt by the electromotor. This rotational motion, as well as the linear movement of the piston in the cylinder, leads to the production of compressed air. This air is directed to the storage tank.


Piston compressors are available in versions one, two, three, four, or more cylinders, depending on the volume of air and pressure required by the number and size of the cylinders.
To create higher pressures, the cylinders are connected in series to perform pressure-increased operations step by step.
Most piston compressors are equipped with a tank to provide consumers with constant or uniform pressure.
When consuming compressed air, the electromotor starts when the tank's air pressure reaches a lower limit. The electromotor automatically turns off when the air pressure exceeds the upper limit.

This is done by switch pressure, and the upper and lower limit pressures are adjusted based on the pressure required by consumers.

Piston compressors are one of the most popular compressed air production technologies. They are among the most cost-effective and cheapest types of compressors among a variety of air compressors.

Piston technology compressors, which are one of the oldest types of compressors, with little cost and investment in research and development, as well as simple technology that leads to lower production costs, have gathered a wider range of manufacturers in their collection, and this has caused the buyer to have access to this product in a more competitive market compared to other compressors.

The antiquity and simplicity of the technology and lack of structural changes over the years have also affected repair and maintenance as it affects the manufacturing method.

For learning and skills in the service and maintenance of this model of compressors, due to the lack of technology changes over the years, the technicians, by understanding the basics and improving skills compared to other compressors, have easier repair and maintenance with simpler technology.

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