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A complete line of compressed air consists of various machines and equipment such as compressors, air dryers, and multiple filters and particle separators. Together and in an integrated manner, all of these can produce and deliver the air you want based on two parameters of defined quality and quantity.

It is clear that in the event of a malfunction of any of these parts, a change and loss in the quality and quantity of compressed air parameters will inevitably occur. Therefore, it is necessary to design and implement a documented, predetermined, and preventive maintenance plan regarding scheduling.

The implementation of routine service and quality and effective maintenance requires the availability of three significant possibilities and factors.

Formulating a detailed maintenance plan based on visits and replacement of consumable and depreciated parts in specific periods

  • Benefiting from the ability of a trained and proficient technical technician
  • Access to high-quality and reliable spare parts

Suppose there is a deficiency in any of the above parameters. In that case, the integrity of the complete line of compressed air is not possible. It leads to the stoppage of production lines and the loss of product quality, causing damage to compressed air machines and, as a result, causing financial losses and jeopardizing business credit.

Access to high-quality and reliable spare parts

Using the right spare parts will ensure the longevity of your device. Every compressor part is subject to depreciation and should be regularly visited and replaced by defective parts.

The consumable parts, such as filters and oil, should also be replaced periodically.

The spare parts offered by our company are selected from reliable, high-quality brands. After testing and approval from the quality control unit, they are presented to our valued customers.

Your compressed air systems are a part of your business. Because the success of our business depends on our customer's success, we need reliable and quality parts that work flawlessly and ensure the non-stopping of compressed air lines for customers.

The importance of quality and correct selection of consumable parts

Internal filters of the compressor and oil play a fundamental role in the function and the compressors' electrical energy consumption. For example, if the air filter enters the compressor, if a low-quality filter is used, it will lead to more dust and particles entering the compressor. As a result, it will lead to excessive contamination of the internal compressor parts, lowering the oil life and reducing the life of other internal compressor filters.

As another example, if a non-standard and low-quality air-oil separator filter is used, this will lead to considerable damage. One of the damages is the oil entering the compressed air line. As a result, the excessive contamination of the compressed air network with oil and the passage of oil through the compressor and its lack leads to a decrease in the oil level, and the oil must be recharged and replaced.

Another damage caused by using a low-quality separator filter is a high air pressure drop. This defect causes the compressor to consume more electrical energy to create the adjusted output air pressure and, in addition, be depreciated due to working more and being under load.

As we can see, choosing a high-quality filter can prevent the occurrence or infliction of many damages and help preserve our capital in the simplest possible way.

Oil is one of the essential consumables in compressors, which must be replaced periodically. The role of oil is vital and necessary in increasing the parts' lifespan and the compressors' optimal function.


The oils and lubricants offered by Roll Air Company are high-quality oils and are from well-known brands as well as synthetic oils and have the following highlight properties compared to mineral base oils:

  • High heat absorption
  • Creating less deposit
  • Longer oil life
  • Resistance to oxidation due to the presence of special additives that delay the oxidation process and acid formation
  • Longer lifespan due to special additives
  • Adapting to cold working temperatures and maintaining viscosity and thus not losing lubrication properties at low temperatures

Anti-foam property: when the air bubbles reach the oil level, foam is produced, and this causes it to increase the oxidation parameters in the first level, and in the second level, this foam saturates the filter networks that separate the oil from the air, and it leads to high-pressure drop, oil escaping to the compressed air line, as well as consuming more electrical energy to compensate for the pressure drop. Therefore, this problem is solved by adding anti-foam additives to these oils.

De-emulsification: These oils contain additives that protect the compressor from mixing water and oil and help separate water from oil.

As we can see, air compressor oil is a specialized lubricant and should be carefully and correctly selected.

The experts of Roll Air Company in the after-sales service department have encountered cases where some operators mistakenly used car oil to charge the air compressor oil, leading to heavy damage to their machines.

The significant difference between engine oil and car oil in the presence of sulfur and detergent is that the detergent in car oil causes carbon accumulation in the compressor.

The optimal operation and longevity of our production machines is the main factor for the existence of our company and business. Replaceable and consumable spare parts guarantee the continued operation of devices and maximize their lifespan.

Therefore, by using and providing high-quality spare parts, in addition to maintaining and improving the reputation of its brand, Roll Air Company has provided peace of mind to our dear customers to preserve their capital and not stop their compressed air lines.

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