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With the support of more than three decades of experience and taking advantage of modern knowledge related to compressed air facilities and machines, this company has been proud to have technical engineering and consulting services in various industries on its resume.

Among the most prominent technical engineering and consulting services that Roll Air Company provides to its respected customers are  as follows:

Extraction of compressed air information required by the production unit based on the quantity and quality of the required air to select the compressed air equipment accurately and correctly

Designing and providing solutions for the arrangement of compressed air equipment in the room where the equipment is installed, considering the following parameters:

Designing and predicting the necessary spaces for repair, maintenance, piping, and sewer lines

Forecasting and design of the installation of a metal structure for installing an overhead crane to carry out overhaul repairs on site, as well as design elements related to the ventilation of the compressor room.

Design compressed air pipelines based on the lowest pressure drop and energy waste with loop and linear methods based on the arrangement of machines.

Accurate selection of compressed air machines and equipment based on :

Feasibility and checking the climatic conditions of the place where the compressed air equipment is installed, including checking the temperature, humidity and altitude conditions and the number of pollutants in the air, and even the smell to choose accurate and appropriate compressed air machines and equipment.

Inspecting, reviewing, analyzing, and controlling compressed air lines and related equipment and machines and providing reports and corrective solutions to solve design flaws, checking the function and efficiency of machines, and optimizing the quality and quantity of compressed air to manage electrical energy consumption.

Need assessment and design, and implementation of instrumentation systems and automation and control of compressed air lines.